Girl Xing

Over graying asphalt
in winter’s early dusk –
crosswalk stoplight reds the traffic.
Snarling tons of steel
huffing, puffing
grumble at delay.
With tiny steps lightly placed
to avoid cracking the street,
a little girl crosses.
She tosses a glistening smile about
carelessly, as if she’ll never run out.
As her cheeks blush rosily,
thawing a November wind,
tussled wisps of auburn hair
poke out to say hi
from under her crimson cap.
Her nose runs,
while she ambles,
waving scarlet mittens
at paused drivers.

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About Mark Stabler

I've been (and still am in some respect) a Writer, Poet, Archer, Musician, Copywriter, Marketer. But mainly I'm a thinker — too much probably.
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