Mark StablerIf you really want to know something about me — then read my posts.  It really is that simple.  Through my essays, creative non-fiction, fiction, and poetry you’ll find my ideas, my past, my ambitions.  Some pieces might require digging, some will be more direct.  Regardless, these will tell you more than I ever could.

However, I’m happy to provide you some background and influences.

Poetry & Writing
I studied creative writing with an emphasis on poetry at Colorado State University. During college, a couple of my poems were published in the school literary magazine, The Greyrock Review. Since then, I’ve sporadically continued to write poetry and some fiction. I’ve made my living for nearly the last decade writing advertising copy.

I abruptly switched from playing my hand at poetry to failing at music as a bassist in several rock bands.  But it was an interesting ride for eight years.  I was able to play at some pretty cool venues — Red Rocks Ampitheatre, The Budweiser Event Center — and got to hang out with real rockstars a few times.  I recorded and helped produced four full-length albums.

Formerly I was a nationally ranked competitive archer. I competed directly with Olympic gold medalists. Since the end of my competition days, I have remained involved in the sport for over two decades, mainly as a coach and general enthusiast.

Politics & Economics
Most recently I began independently studying economics and politics.  For the most part, I’ve come to accept the ideas of libertarian political philosophy coupled with an understanding of Austrian economics. Taken together, they provide a moral and social framework rooted in the Non-Aggression Principle (only defensive violence is justifiable), the recognition that only individuals act, and that said actions are always purposeful. These two thought systems have proved to be powerful explanatory and guiding tools.